Taqat Al-Khaleej

Who Are We

Taqat Al-Khaleej Training TKT provide High impact development Training programs that produce exceptional human performance in your facility

We at TKT build the future of our trainees and clients by upholding standards of quality and professionalism, because we believe that we are part of their development. We also take pride in our positive track record and results. Our trainers are efficient, experienced, and qualified in both theory and practice, making us the best and optimal choice for training and skills development."


Taqat Al-Khaleej Training TKT has numerous human teams, with over 20 years of training experience, and full knowledge of current and future labor market needs.


Taqat Al-Khaleej Training TKT works on transferring international expertise to the local and Arab markets with its local vision, and provides its services to leading companies, organizations, institutions, and individuals in all fields such as oil and gas, industry, contracting, chemicals, educational and academic institutions, charitable associations, trade, and others.


Our programs are designed in response to the increasing demand for aspects of training and honing professional talents and skills for the recipient."

Taqat Al-Khaleej Training TKT is is accredited by TVTC -Technical and Vocational Training Corporation


TKT offers unique Training Programs, Educational and Consultation with wide range of standards and customized training for each industry as per client expectations and requirements of the Saudi Market and aligned with Saudi Vision 2030 and Saudi Aramco IKTVA.


Our Goals

  • Focus on health and safety in the work place
  • Collaborating with both public and private sectors.
  • Providing basic and advanced skills to increase efficiency and success at work
  • Creating targeted training skills to develop and enhance the community.
  • Design and implementation of modern and distinguished training programs
  • Evaluation and follow-up during and after training
  • Encouraging and assisting governmental or non-governmental groups
  • Identifying, analyzing and evaluating all client needs and building appropriate programs
Why Choose Us

Taqat Al-Khaleej Training TKT

“TKT” name means "trust"

TKT is a leading in the field of training, education, and technical development with professionalism and high quality to develop and enhance human resources in the Arabian Gulf region in line with its local needs. Our team of qualified professionals contributes to laying the foundations for the development of human resources and business.




Practical Experience




Technical Support